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 PLEASE! Ladies and gentleman I can't stress this enough make sure you get a licensed electrician and have all new electrical work inspected make sure you always check for a license don't end up like a customers neighbour learned about in Milton who's house burned down and the insurance company wouldn't cover it because it wasn't inspected it not worth 50 dollars a light cash job this is your biggest investment and your home for peace of mind get it done the right way even if it not E.D.M.C

led pot lights installed by a licenced electrician in Ontario. 


Avoid recessed lighting fixtures placed too close together or in rows down the center of the room. Match the size of your recessed lighting fixtures to how close together they can be installed. The common rule is that 4-inch fixtures should generally be placed at least 4 feet apart. Center recessed lighting fixtures in front of the objects you wish to light—a painting, bookshelf, etc, place about 12 to 18 inches in front of that object. Three-dimensional objects such as a fireplace, sculpture, or flower arrangement with recessed lighting, it is more effective to light it from two or three different angles. Use wall-washing recessed lighting fixtures around the perimeter of a small room to help "push" the walls out and make the space feel larger.​


ITS always good to consider using individual contractors when remodelling your home instead of general contractor save you on cash plus the headache of not getting licensed work I see too many homes where these GCs do all of the work then selfs not contracting out the work like there supposed to and its done incorrectly about 95% of make sure to check for a License it your right 

What’s Provided 
Installing pot lights indoor/outdoor. residential, commercial 
Installing/replacing/relocating fixtures 
Installing/upgrading switches, dimmer and timers 
Installing chandeliers 
Installing garden and backyard lights 
Installing sub panel
Electrical wiring 
Bulb replacement (eg. halogen to LED) 
New construction wiring-lighting
Panel upgrade
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